Never Forget The Fallen Faces


Over the past century there have been thousands of Israeli victims of Palestinian terror. But only occasionally do we hear their names. Less often do we see their faces.


The Fallen Faces Project is a platform to give back the dignity robbed from those Israelis - the countless Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Bedouin or Druze as well as men, women and children - who have been innocently slaughtered by Palestinian terrorists .



Your profile photo is the face you show your friends, your family and the world. But a profile photo can illustrate so much more. It reveals our relationship status, life events, family ties, hobbies, passions and even our current mood. A profile photo is highly visible across Facebook in particular, but also all the applications, programs, platforms and communities that we link through our account. Facebook profile photos have more interactions and engagement than any other picture you post. This is why Facebook is the perfect platform for a meaningful message.


Participants of The Fallen Faces Project can sign up here to receive a monthly email featuring a picture and first-person biography of an Israeli victim of Palestinian terrorism (or follow the The Fallen Faces Project on Instagram or Twitter @TheFallenFaces where each profile is also posted). Each month we ask you change your profile picture on Facebook and add the biography in the picture's description section (or share the associated Tweet or Instagram post) for one day, one week, the full month, or a time of your choosing to spread awareness about the life that was lived, and lost.


With supporters like YOU, WE can create a critical mass of visibility online and across the world to honor the innocent lives Israel has lost in the fight against terror.


If you would like to suggest an Israeli victim of Palestinian terrorism we should profile, or are a friend or family member of a featured profile and wish to contribute additional details or make an edit, please reach out to us an 


If you would like to participate in the project by joining our editorial team, please submit a sample profile of an Israeli victim of Palestinian terrorism who has not yet been featured to  


Founded in 2016 by Andrew Davidsburg and Dr. Melissa Jane Kronfeld, The Fallen Faces Project began as a one month social media experiment during Yom HaZikaron  (יוֹם הַזִּכָּרוֹן‎) - Israel’s Memorial Day for the Fallen Soldiers of Israel and Victims of Terrorism - to draw attention to Israel’s ongoing struggle against Palestinian terrorism each and every day.


The Fallen Faces Project is a project from Passion For A Purpose and is sponsored by the non-profit Strength To Strength. Our editorial board includes Andrew Davidsburg, Melissa Jane Kronfeld, Sarri Singer, Matthew Pinna, Aditi Desai, Lindsay Hayes. and Meredith Hannan. The editorial team can be contacted at

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