My name is Miriam Levy.

I am 74 years old.

I live Beit Kakerem, a neighborhood in Jerusalem. I arrived here on the Exodus in 1947 with another 4,515 Holocaust survivors like myself. Our legendary ship defied the British blockade and was fired upon as we tried to reach the shores of our ancient biblical homeland, after escaping the the horrors of Nazi Europe. My husband Haim died many years ago but I have found the, “strength to live” as my daughter Yael says in, my art. She and her sister Anat have also given me five beautiful grandchildren to dote upon. My grandson tells me I am “elegant and intelligent.” I spend most of my time working on my illustrations and every corner of my home is covered in my drawings. I have even had the opportunity to display my art at a public exhibition!


In the late afternoon of June 11, 2003, I sat silently on Egged bus No. 14A as we pulled up to the popular open-air Mahan Yehuda market. An ultra-Orthodox man boarded the bus. But the man was actually 18 year old Palestinian terrorist Abdel Muati Shaban, a high school student from Hebron, who donned a disguise of the people he sought to kill. As the bus drove down Jaffa road near Davidka Square he donated his bomb. Miraculously I survived and was rushed to the hospital where I succumbed to my wounds the very next day. Another 16 people were killed and over 100 wounded, many of whom were merely bystanders.

My name is  Miriam Levy. I am 74 years old.  And I am one of The Fallen Faces.



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