My name is Tiroayent Takala.

I am 33 years old.

I am a proud Ethiopian Jew and I arrived in Israel in 2003 with my husband, Taasfare, and our six children. We live in the absorption center in Beersheba, and the staff there say we are an “exemplary family.” We have finally saved up enough money to have our own home and we recently bought an apartment in Netanya where we will be moving in one month’s time! I am so excited to start our new life in Israel.


On August 31, 2004 I stopped at the supermarket on the way home from work to pick up groceries for dinner. As I walked from the market to the center around three o’clock in the afternoon, an explosion ripped through the air. Two Palestinian terrorists from Hebron – 22 year old construction worker Nassem Jabari and 26 year old store owner Ahmad Qawasme – exploded suicide bombs on the Beersheba Number 6 and 12 buses, just minutes apart, while traveling down Ranger Boulevard, near city hall. Both terrorists came from prominent families and had known each other for years. Myself and 15 others were immediately killed, while another 100 people were injured. In response to my death, Hamas issued a statement reminding my family, “this is a gift to the newcomers who recently arrived to our land.”

My name is  Tiroayent Takala. I am 33 years old.  And I am one of The Fallen Faces.



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