My name is Tuvia Yanai Weissman.

I am 21 years old.

I live in Ma’ale Mikhmas, in the West Bank. I am a dual Israel-American citizen, but I went to high school in Jerusalem and to a pre-military academy in Kfar Eldad. I am a Sergeant in the Israel Defense Forces and am considering going into the commander’s course, but I also enjoy my current combat deployment in the 50th Battalion of the Nahal Brigade. As my favorite teacher says, I’m simply unable to, “stand on the sidelines.” I love the long night debates I have with him about my role in the defense of Israel and my pride in the Jewish state. My friends describe me as a committed student and an enthusiastic soldier. I married my childhood sweetheart, Yael while in the service. Two years later we had our baby girl Neta, who is now just four months old. My parents and my three brothers love to dote on her. My wife says my best quality is my “endless giving” and we have big plans for our future - to travel, to study, but most importantly, to just be together as a family!


On Friday, February 18, 2016 I was preparing for the Sabbath with Yael and Neta at the Rami Levy supermarket in the Sha’ar Binyamin Industrial Zone, near Ramallah, where Jews and Palestinians shop side-by-side. I was on a week off from work, and had left our home without my firearm. Suddenly, Omar Rimawi and Ihad Sabah, both 14 year old boys from Beitunia near Ramallah, began to attack shoppers with knives. Without a second’s thought I ran towards them and fought back with my bare hands. An armed civilian shot at the terrorists, stopping the attack, in which another had been wounded. Paramedics arrived and assessed the many stab wounds to my chest. I was rushed to the Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem, but I died there from my wounds.

My name is Tuvia Yanai Weissman. I am 21 years old.  And I am one of The Fallen Faces.



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